Elite Basketball Winter Camp @ 2023 Nishimachi

Elite Basketball Japan will partner with Nishimachi International School.

Details (schedule)

Dates December 18-22, 20 participants

Time: 3:00PM-5:00PM
Ages 8-12 years old
EligibilityAnyone who enjoys sports is welcome (no previous basketball experience necessary).
Location: Nishimachi International School
Price: 50,000 yen + tax (55,000 yen without tax)
Registration fee: 5,000 yen tax not included (5,500 yen tax incl.)
Non-member 55,000 yen + tax (60,500 yen)
Members 50,000 yen + tax (55,000 yen)

Included in the cost:

Elite Basketball Training (Japanese and English explanation)
A set of training equipment (no need to bring basketballs, etc.)
10% discount when joining a club team