Breaking Down My 5 Favorite Modern Ball Handlers Series 3

Chris Paul

Chris Paul the Point God

Who is he: Chris Paul is one of the greatest playmakers of all time. A starting point guard in the NBA for more than 15 years. He has been a perennial all-star and all-NBA defensive player. He currently sits 3rd all-time in career assists, and if health maintains has a chance to be number 1.

Body type Rating 3 stars: While not a small human being, Chris Paul is small by basketball player standards. He stands just under 6ft (183cm) tall with a very sturdy build. While his size has led to injuries thorough out his career it also had its advantages. He uses his stout frame and low center of gravity to punish defenders who try to body up when he is driving. His frame also allows for him to dribble into tight windows and make plays. He is also very fast and powerful when attacking down hill as he has the shoulders to withstand contact.

Smoothness Rating 5 stars: Chris Paul’s dribbling is like a playground magician. The best word to describe it is mesmerizing, when he starts his attack its looks like he is about to lead a beautiful tango on the dance floor. His handles are powerful but very graceful which leads to other players on the court watching in amazement. Chris Paul is real smooth in his movements and footwork as it seems that his whole body is in sync.

Technique Rating 5 stars: Chris Paul has a devastating inside out, outside in dribble. This is where he sets up the defender and creates balance for him to make his step back, and side steps. He will open up his hips when he ready to attack the defenders off-balance foot. But there is more in his bag of tricks a he combines old-school technique with modern footwork. For example he will use a really wide dribble like Allen Iverson when crossing over a defender, he will then use a jab step dribble to set up either a hesitation dribble or step back jump shot. He is the master of chaining moves together to set up a scoring opportunity for himself or his teammates. He is also very physical as he will often use his off hand to push off the defender while planting his foot hard (very violent movement) to set a jump stop dribble which allows him to attack the space he has created.

Effectiveness 5 stars: While a great scorer he is a playmaker 1st, and it is his handles that are the base of his attack and table setting. Chris Paul is the most versatile dribbler in the league today. He chains together different moves in quick succession to set up his teammates. His perfect combination of old-school and new -school moves allows for him to break-down many different types of defenders that are thrown at him. He also likes to operate in tight spaces that he creates to initiate and create open looks for his teammates and himself.

Overall 18/20 stars: While Chris Paul’s size has cost him games in his career, it is the only thing that keeps him from a perfect score. He is an exciting and very effective player to watch when he has the ball in his hands. Possibly the best pure point guard of our generation. His ability to adapt to the modern game while deploying old school moves is a thing of beauty. His nickname is the Point God, but i would call him the conductor as he reminds of beautiful classical musician.


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