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Here at Elite Basketball,
we are passionate about sports and the development of elite athletes


Our mission is to provide elite basketball training to passionate players of all levels and ages.

Coach’s History

Greatly influenced and inspired by his father, who himself was a very dedicated college basketball player and coach, the EB Head Coach, Tyler, was closely trained and groomed to be an “Elite Player” by his father. Some of his father’s training-mates were “later-to-be-NBA-players and coaches” at the time – this tells the level of league that his father was in.

Coach Tyler carries this mindset to be an “elite player” that he learned from his father. To be an elite player, one needs to explore their creativity and belief in one’s ability to play at their best. Elite in attitudes that one never gives up, one adheres to high standards that they set to themselves, and one never stops exploring their potential.

My goal is to share my basketball experience and knowledge through coaching clinics and camps in Japan.

Meet the Team

Coach Tyler
  • USA certified basketball coach 2000
  • Head coach middle school & high school basketball
  • Coached basketball camps
  • International school Athletic Director
  • Specializes in shooting fundamentals, mechanics and ball handling.
  • Coached in the Kanto Plains and German League
  • WJAA JV Basketball Championship
  • Kanto MS girls Final Tournament
  • Guest coach at the Europe Basketball Academy
  • Assistant coach middle school Oakland, CA
Yoga Instructor & Camp Coordinator Yuko
  • Certified Yoga Instructor (certified in 2019)
  • 15 years + Yoga experience
  • 6 years experience working with special needs (Canada & Japan)
  • Developmental Interventionist for ASD
  • Educated in psychology

Atsushi Hattori Physical Therapist

  • Certified Physical Therapist
  • Certified Physical Trainer
  • Founder All Out Basketball
  • Runs osteopathic clinic
  • 15 years experience working with professional athletes

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