Breaking Down My 5 favorite shooters:


In this series, I will look at my 5 favorite shooters. I will breakdown their body type, mechanics (release), and how they get their shot off. Let’s take a look below of my favorite shooters.

  • Reggie Miller
  • Steve Nash
  • Larry Bird
  • Klay Thompson
  • Stephan Curry

Entry No. 1: Reggie Miller

Who is he:
Reggie Miller was shooting guard who played for the Indiana Pacers. He was the all time 3 point made shooter until Ray Allen broke his record in 2011. In my opinion, the greatest catch and shooter of all time.

Body Type:
Reggie miller was tall 2 guard with a very slender frame and large hands. His slender frame combined with great cardio allowed for him to slip screens and run off off screens.

He would place his non shooting hand above the ball due to his long slender fingers. The ball would rest on his fingertips which would allow for great rotation and high arching shot. As he was very thin he had great balance and precise footwork on the catch and shoot. As he was tall and had a quick release he could shoot over centers with ease. His release point was always very high while feet were always square to the basket before shooting. As a result, one of the greatest jump shots ever would be made.

How he got his shot off:
Reggie would often work off of screens and pick and pops. He was deadly at the baseline and had unlimited range which would allow for mid-range shots.

Look at the video below for a more in depth break down of his shot.

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