Shooters Breakdown Series 5: Stephen Curry

Who is he: Stephen Curry is one of the greatest offensive players of his era and maybe all-time. As the other half of the Splash Brothers (Klay Thompson), he owns the record for 3 pointers made to go along with 3 NBA championships, 2 MVP’s, 6 time 3 point percentage leader, and the list goesContinue reading “Shooters Breakdown Series 5: Stephen Curry”

Shooters Breakdown Series 4: Klay Thompson

Who is he: Klay Thompson is a shooting guard who currently plays for the Golden State Warriors. As one of the Splash Brothers (with Curry) he is one of the greatest shooters of his generation. A multiple all star and NBA champion, he may be the greatest catch and shoot shoot player in history. BodyContinue reading “Shooters Breakdown Series 4: Klay Thompson”

Shooters Breakdown Series 3: Larry Bird

Who is he: Larry Bird is one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA. He revolutionized the game when big men were primarily inside players on the low block. He won the 3 point contest just to show that he was the best shooter of his generation. Body Type: Bird was veryContinue reading “Shooters Breakdown Series 3: Larry Bird”

Shooters Breakdown Series 2: Steve Nash

Who is he: Steve Nash was likely the best point guard of his generation along with Jason Kidd. He was a 2 time MVP with multiple 40/50/90 shooting percentage seasons. Body Type: Steve Nash was smallish point guard who was able to use both hands and feet adeptly. He used his frame well to findContinue reading “Shooters Breakdown Series 2: Steve Nash”