Shooters Breakdown Series 2: Steve Nash

tip toe move creates space

Who is he:
Steve Nash was likely the best point guard of his generation along with Jason Kidd. He was a 2 time MVP with multiple 40/50/90 shooting percentage seasons.

Body Type:
Steve Nash was smallish point guard who was able to use both hands and feet adeptly. He used his frame well to find soft spots in the defense.

Steve Nash was a pure a shooter with a quick release and great posture on his jump shot. But what separated him was his ability to always be square to the basketball and shoot off of either foot. Nash would always have a perfect position of his hand under the ball which allowed for control and pass off in mid shot.

How he got his shot off:
Vision, is the best way to describe how he would get his shot off in tight spaces or at the top of the key when initiating offense. Often he would set his shot up with his ball control and passing, this would often led defenses to open up space for him.

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