Shooters Breakdown Series 3: Larry Bird

Watch the Secrets of “Catch and Shoot” of Larry Bird

Who is he:
Larry Bird is one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA. He revolutionized the game when big men were primarily inside players on the low block. He won the 3 point contest just to show that he was the best shooter of his generation.

Body Type:
Bird was very tall and stout with a prototypical power forward build. This allowed for him to play inside and out as a ball dominant power forward. He could shoot over defenders on both inside and outside jump shots.

A pure shooter with a repeatable release and perfect footwork, he was able to shot both off the dribble and in motion. He would bring his shooting hand above his head aligned with his lead hip. This led to a very accurate straight shot. His feet always shoulder length apart which supported his quick release. His off-hand was on the side of the ball with his elbow flaring out a bit due to his long arms.

How he got his shot off:
Bird was an offense on his own. As a ball dominant player he could create shots of the dribble in many ways. He was great at pump fakes and touch passes that would get the defender off their feet. He could score from anywhere on the court with unlimited range. He would also work off defense and rebounds with his quick release. Most importantly he was always in attack mode.

3 point, 3 point and more 3 points

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